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Mobile app

The Cultour app offers a new way for travelers to explore cities. It is a free app that provides cultural guided tours, giving users a immersive cultural experience with comprehensive information and engaging audioguides. The app helps users learn about the rich history and culture of their destination, making their travel experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

To make cultural attractions more accessible and affordable, the app partners with local businesses that share the same mission. This mutually beneficial relationship amplifies the accessibility of cultural products while benefiting both the partners and the users.



Users and environment

Travel has reached an unprecedented level with people exploring different destinations and cultures all over the world. This not only benefits the economy of the destinations but also is an opportunity to promote cultural exchange and personal growth on a global scale.

Cultour is an app that offers free cultural tours to help people discover hidden gems in cities. With its comprehensive information and engaging audioguides, users can easily navigate cities without any cost. Cultour also partners with businesses to offer exclusive deals and tickets to cultural attractions at affordable prices, enriching travel experiences.

Cultour generates revenue through strategic advertising placements, ticket sales, and enticing promotions, ensuring sustainable growth while empowering users to embark on unforgettable cultural journeys.

Discovery to concept

Research, reflection and ideas

Analyzing potential opportunities within the tourism sector, I conducted research focused on gaining insights into behaviors related to cultural exploration and travel. This involved analyzing similar services and identifying key trends and opportunities within the travel and tourism industry. Through data analysis and interviews, I developed a comprehensive understanding of user’s needs, pain points, and expectations for a cultural exploration app.

With insights in hand, I brainstormed ideas for features and functionalities aimed at addressing the identified user needs while aligning with the app's business objectives. Core features such as guided tour creation, audio guide integration, and user-friendly navigation were meticulously defined.

Wireframes and interaction

Understanding usage flows

In order to determine the viability of the ideas presented in the previous phase, I have created a basic wireframe structure. This structure outlines the key components and navigation paths of the app to help analyze the user interaction. By doing this, I can define how users will engage with the app's features and functionalities, and determine the sequential steps they need to take in order to accomplish their tasks within the app.

Visual design and prototype

Bringing the app to life

Once the app structure and functionality was clearly defined, the focus shifted to visual design. This involved adding colors, typography, imagery, and branding elements to create a cohesive and visually appealing interface.

Once all the necessary assets were ready, the next step was to create an interactive prototype. This allowed me to visualize the app, test its functionality, and make necessary improvements through iteration.

Interactive prototype

Explore the app.

* Type 'r' while hovering over the prototype to restart it.

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