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STEAMConf '19

Organizational website

STEAMConf is a gathering of an exceptional group of international and local educators in Barcelona, who address the world from an (A) perspective and with an integral vision that promotes STE(A)M on the basis of PBL (project-based learning). Culture, education, sciences and technology applied to a creative approach to education to ignite students curiosity.

I helped the STEAMConf organization with the design and development of their website using open source technologies for the deployment.



Users and environment

As a leading conference in the field of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), the website caters to a diverse audience comprising students, educators, researchers, professionals, and leaders. Users visit the site to access information about keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions showcasing STEAM education and innovation happening during the conference.

Attendees take part in the conference to network with peers, present their work, build partnerships, and promote STEAM education in Spain. As such, the website serves as a vital hub containing all the details related to this important event.

Design and development

Creativity and technology

Inspired by the creative essence of the conference, I created a vibrant and visually captivating layout characterized by vivid imagery, dynamic shapes, and a color palette infused with energetic hues and contrasting tones to create a sense of playfulness and creativity, setting the tone for an engaging and inspiring experience, which combined with a well-structured information architecture provides the users with concise and comprehensive content.

Furthermore, the webpage was designed to be fully responsive, guaranteeing seamless viewing and interaction experiences across multiple devices and screen sizes.

I developed the website using open source tools, version control and deployment on a modern web platform.

Interactive prototype

Explore the app. Type 'r' while hovering over the prototype to restart it.

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